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The concept of launching National Series lies in promoting the skyrunning philosophy at grass roots level and to offer runners in many different countries an opportunity to experience the skyrunning concept on home ground - to participate in well-organised, quality events with the passionate support of organisers and supporters; to enjoy spectacular courses that embody the skyrunning spirit; to push themselves further and higher on challenging terrain; to enjoy strong competition and, to reap the rewards of race and Series' prize money.  The winners of each Series will win a place in the 2014 World Series finals (or the first 2015 races) together with travel contributions and other benefits.

-          International Skyrunning Federation


Russian Skyrunning Association is pleased to announce the 2014 Russian National Series.

15 races in 3 disciplines: 4 SkyRaces, 6 SkyMarathons and 5 Vertical Kilometeres will be held in Kamchatka, the Western Sayan, Khamar-Daban, Altai, Ural and the Caucasus mountains.

326 km-distance with 26100 m-vertical exceed and the incline exceeds between 16 and 50 grade.

Vitaly Shkel, one of 2013 top 100 athletes: «Fighting on the verge of your features, when there is no relaxation of a second, you just aim to work to the maximum. I can say that it is not the most important thing, will I be the 1st or the 10th one in the end. It is more important to give everything for the race to reach your limit. And only then, after having passed the finish line, you realize that you did your best for that moment, - that is what is a moment of happiness, when you're getting a true pleasure».

      Distance + Exceed = Skyrunning.



 1st stage – Western Sayan: Borus Race® – (26 km, 1780 D+, 490 m - 2280 m) –  Cheryomushki village - 5th April

2nd stage - Altai: Aktru SkyRace® - (22 km 1900 D+,1300 m - 3200 m) - ktru - 14th June

3rd stage - Kamchatka: Avacha SkyRace® - (18 km 1800 D+, 950 - 2751 ) - the Avachinsky Volcano - 16th August

4th stage -  Krasnaya Polyana: Sugar Marathon® - (30 km 2100 D+, 1400 m -3189 m) - Pseashkho Sakharny - 13th September


1st stage - Caucasus: Elbrus Vertial SkyMarathon® - (14 km 3292 D+, 2350 m - 5642 m)- zau - 9th May

2nd stag - Ural: Konzhak SkyMarathon® - (42 km 1300 D+, 269 m - 1569 m)- Krasnotour'ynsk- 5th July

3rd stage- Caucasus: Elbrus Mountain Marathon® - (42 km 2400 D+, 1700 m - 4100 m)- Baksan- 2nd August

4th stage - Ural: Iremel SkyMarathon® - (45 km 1300 D+, 282 m - 1582 m) - Nikolaevka village - 4th October

Vertical Kilometer

1st stage - Western Sayan: Borus Vertical Kilometer® Cheryomushki village (490 m- 1490 m) - 6th April

2nd stage - Altai: Aktru Vertical Kilometer® (1700 m - 2700 m)- ktru - 12th June

3rd stage - Bezenghi, Caucasus: Bezengi Vertical Kilometer®-(1900 m - 2900 m)  Nalchik - 27th July

4th stage: Kamchatka: Avacha Vertial Kilometer® (950 m -1950 m) - the Avachinsky Volcano - 17th August

Russian Championships

1st stage - Caucasus: Elbrus Vertial Kilometer® (2450 m -3450 m)- zau - 7th May

2nd stage - Baykal lake area: Chersky Peak SkyMarathon® - (43,5 km 1490 D+, 600 m -2090 m)) - Slydyanka village - 24th August

Vertial SkyMarathon

Kyrgyzstan: Lenin Race Vertial SkyMarathon® - (14 km 2600 D+, 4400 m - 7000 m) - Lenin Peak - 29th July



Ranking points: the three best results in the national circuit are scored in the overall ranking for each runner. Ranking points breakdown: 100-88-78-72-68-66-64-62-60-58-56-54-52-50 down to 2 points to 40th position for men and 15th position for women. Ranking points in the final races of all three disciplines will be increased by 20%.

Prizes: at least 10000 rubles for the1st place.

Team Standing: 3 best results for men + 1 best result for women.


Skyrunner®, SkyRace®, SkyMarathon®, Vertical Kilometer® are registered trademarks.


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